Little Spider

One day I wondered if spiders got itches. And then I wondered how they would respond to an itch. I decided to ask ChatGTP.

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Please Edit this as a nursery rhyme: How does a spider scratch an itch?


Little spider, small and neat,
Has a way to scratch and treat,
With pedipalps near its mouth,
It grooms itself, heading south.

Special hairs on legs so fine,
Help it scratch and make it shine,
Setae, sensitive to touch,
Scratch an itch, it’s not too muc

Sometimes hard to reach the spot,
Fangs and silk, it’s all it’s got,
So it grooms and grooms away,
Until that itch is gone to stay.

So remember little spider’s itch,
Grooming’s done without a glitch,
Pedipalps and setae too,
Will help it scratch, as it should do.


Before I asked for the nursery rhyme, I simply ask how spiders itched. The response was rather academic. So then I asked for the nursery rhyme. It incorporates the academic text ideas but in a rhyme.

I am confused by this comment from ChatGPT.

Will: how would you attribute the “Little spider” rhyme you wrote above?


ChatGTP: As an AI model, I do not have the ability to own or claim authorship of any content that I generate. The “Little spider” rhyme that I provided in my previous response was generated based on the input and prompt you provided me with, it is not an original work created by me.

If you would like to use or share this rhyme, it is best to attribute it as follows: “Little spider” rhyme generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3 model.

It’s important to acknowledge the source of the content you share, especially if you plan to use it for commercial or public use.

“Little spider” rhyme generated by Will and OpenAI’s GPT-3 model.

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