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5/7 As I said below, and it remains true now, nothing is as simple as it seems. Somehow in the process of trying to join my different accounts I actually disconnected them. Now I have to figure out how to get them reconnected. Facebook professional page only wants to connect to Instagram and Foursquare. I imagine I’ll need a WordPress add-on to reestablish connection. Thank you all for hanging in there. Once I get the technical details ironed out, I’ll get more posts going. Meanwhile, enjoy the clouds of Southern California! (New photo at right)

4/23 Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. I had the idea that I might share some video clips that I noticed were funny or had errors. But as I prepared to share the clips, I recalled the need for fair use notice and other policies. So I went to search for some online examples. This took hours. And now I’m tired and need to head to bed.

4/13 It seems I didn’t add a link in my post about Authors Publish magazine. Well I just added a link there and I’ll leave one here also!


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Sunset in the Inland Empire, Southern California. By Will of ABIG.BLOG


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