Hi! I’m Will. I’ve been working for 40 years to pay the bills and feed the kids. I want to write to leave behind a legacy. And I want to write science fiction for the awe, wonder, fun and excitement it brings readers.(and writers)(even with a moral)

Hi! I’m Will.

So many blogs focus on a singular topic. I guess that’s the best choice for marketability, but it seems so confining. I suppose I could have multiple blogs. I could have a blog on political ideas and another on sports sedans and still another on writing fiction. But that seems like an excessive amount of work. I wonder if that means I’m too lazy to blog? I guess we’ll find out.

Until the specialization mood hits me, I will write about anything that comes up. I’m not going to worry about categories or organizing, both dull tasks, instead I’ll just blog away in whatever order happens. Maybe there will be a pattern? Probably not.

I’ve heard people make money from blogging, but I don’t expect that to happen for me. I’m not willing to pander to the masses or to the advertisers or to the media. I guess its pretentious to think anyone would ask me to pander, but I prefer to label it optimistic.

So here’s to multi-topic, unorganized, non-pandering, optimistic chatter!

Add What You Do

What do I do? I have been a roofer, a cook, a diet therapist, a Master Sergeant, a software trainer, computer analyst and clinical coordinator. But I imagine the important part is what I do that serves as background for what I blog. With that in mind, I find myself inundated with ideas that I wish I could express quickly and clearly. But life and distractions keep me from exploring all the thoughts that pass my consciousness.

I tried to write a demonstration of the thoughts flying through my mind, but the explanation added trails and grew tedious. Suffice to say, a typical day has me considering the nature of self-esteem, the origins of the American toggle light switch, and the decline of human civilization. How do you write about all that?

For now I’ll blog some thoughts but mostly light weight stuff. Until I change my mind, lol! What else do I do you ask?

Write Dystopian Futures Nobody Reads
I have written a few short stories. In fact they are closer to flash fiction than short stories. But in my stories the main characters don’t make it. At the point in other stories where miraculous skills or events save them from a terrible doom, my characters succumb.

Listen to Music of the Fishes and Twisties
I really enjoy the artistry of music. I can listen to a song repeatedly, each time noticing more detail, more meaning and associating it with my life experiences. But it is not just the Kinks, Sting, or Rush, I also hear the music in the aquarium I have kept for over a decade and the music of 8 cylinder mustangs climbing Palomar mountain. (yes, that was me in the black mustang, sorry.)

Add Your Past Experiences

The Family
I’ve been married a long time, to the same woman. Over our 34 plus years together we have lived in Europe and America and in no less than 17 houses in 8 states. We raised our five children. And now we have rescued cats.

Once and Future Hobbies
I have spent a number of hours trying to enjoy my time off in various ways, here are the ones I spent more time on:

Building plastic models – airplanes, boats and cars. I was a member of the Revel Model club, lol!

Building/Flying RC model airplanes. When I started, we had to cut the wood parts out of sheets of balsa and glue them together on wax paper.

Table-top miniature gaming. Warhammer 40k really appealed to my gaming nature and my model building. I made models, built terrain and attended meetings. I even went to the convention, twice!

Video games and computer games. I’ve tried a bunch of computer games and I like that I can crash my airplane and not have to pick up the pieces and buy new parts(like I did when flying model airplanes).

Just a Few Cars I’ve Owned
(1985 – 2020)
2019 Lexus ES350, 2011 Mustang GT Convertible, 2016 BMW 320i, 2016 Accord EX-L, 2015 Mustang EcoBoost, 2009 Sonata SE, 2007 Elantra, 2006 Ford F-350 Lariat, 2003 Suburban LT, 2003 Ram 1500 Magnum, 2007 Ram 1500 Big Horn, 1998 Windstar, 1996 Contour, 1996 Ranger, 1992 Toyota Pickup, 1990 Civic LX, 1986 Grand Am, 1985 Yugo, 1979 BMW 525, 1979 Cutlass Supreme

Hopefully this gives some background for my many musings.

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