Demon Head #photo

(c) Photo by Will

Demon Head

To say the demon was scary was an understatement. It steadily rose above the tree line. Easily 5 men tall it may have been even larger than that. Its painted face was a caricature of happiness. All bulging eyes and barred teeth. It roared mightily. Making a sound like the roar of a bonfire. Its face, the shape of an inverted raindrop, cleared the trees and there was no body attached. It took a few minutes to understand what I was seeing. But then it became clear. The demon head was trapped in a web of rope. and the focal point of the rope, hanging below the head, held a basket. A large square basket about a meter on a side. From within the basket, a sorcerer cast spells and enchantments to keep the demon head in check. This sorcerer had harnessed the evil power of the demon to create his own sky chariot. It was a frightful thing.

(Photo on left. Inspiration for story – local balloonist makes emergency descent in our neighborhood but is able to fly back out with propane roaring.)

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