Who’s green? #photo

I took my 2011 Mustang GT premium convertible for its required California Smog Check the other day. After the check, I drove about 7 or 8 miles to get home. Driving North on a four lane stretch of highway 79 that passes among all the local shopping options, I noticed my trip computer said I was getting 12 mpg. I started thinking about that. I could do much better with a sedan or other small car like a Honda, Hyundai or something. That would save gas. I looked around me and realized all the other vehicles were SUVs! Four lanes of traffic ahead and behind me all occupied by SUVs. Well, there was one other car, but the rest were SUVs. So here in Riverside County, in a small town, everyone is driving an SUV. I wondered where all the Prius, Sentras, and Accents went? These SUVs can’t be getting good gas mileage. Whoever the people are talking about reducing carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuel, they aren’t here in my town. I wonder where they live?

Glamorous Gal – 2011 Mustang GT Convertible Premium

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